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Dolphin therapy in Florida

Dolphin therapy was developed by the neuro-psychologist and behavioural researcher Dr. David E. Nathanson. It is now over 20 years since he discovered that children respond more positively to dolphins than to other animals. He found out that when handicapped children play with dolphins they relax and concentrate far more than in conventional situations. Their immune systems are also boosted and their ability to absorb information is increased. Over the course of the years he has developed a highly refined therapy concept to accentuate these positive effects. At the heart of the therapy is the children's encounter with dolphins. The children work on a floating dock, each one with a specially trained therapist and at least one dolphin.
Dr. Nathanson's therapy centre is located in Florida at Key Largo.

For more information visit: www.dolphinhumantherapy.com

Dolphin therapy in the Crimea (Ukraine)

In Summer 2003 my family and I took part in a dolphin therapy in the Crimea. It lasted 2 weeks and I was allowed to swim with "Anita", a charming lady dolphin, for 20 minutes every day. I made exceptional progress with my speech and my vocabulary also increased. Overall the therapy was very successful and, in the name of my parents, I would like to say a big thank you to the "dolphin kids e.V." club, who together with a company in Hamburg made it possible for us to take part in the therapy

For more information visit: www.krim-dolphins.de und